Medical Education

The FCI began its teaching activities in 1991 and today has 25 teaching agreements with universities in the country, of which 12 are with universities in Bogotá and 13 with universities in the rest of the country. All comply with the requirements of Decree 2373, which regulates such agreements in Colombia. There are 341 alumni of the postgraduate programs and 337 of the internship programs.

The FCI is currently the base hospital for 20 specialization programs in association with Rosario, Sabana and Bosque Universities.

• Cardiothoracic Anesthesia

• General Anesthesia

• Interventional Cardiology

• Adult Cardiology (2)

• Pediatric Cardiology

• Cardiovascular Surgery

• Peripheral Vascular Surgery

• Pediatric Intensive Care


• Endocrinology

• Cardiac Electrophysiology


• Pediatric Infectious Diseases (New)

• Internal Medicine

• Nuclear Medicine

• Adult Nephrology

• Pediatric Nephrology

• Neonatology

• Neurology

• Pediatrics (2)

• Radiology