Medical Education

  • Rules for foreign postgraduate students (Fellows) at Fundación Cardioinfantil IC 
  • Foreign postgraduate students (Fellows) should submit their application through a letter from the institution that supports it. The application will be considered for approval by the Medical Education Committee and the Chief of the respective area. Following approval, the applicant will be sent an official acceptance letter and the institution's regulations, as well as papers required by the consulate for the respective visa, which, in accordance with Decree 2107 of 2001, will be a temporary visitor's visa if the training period will be less than six months, or a temporary student visa if the training period will be more than six months. Please keep in mind the following:

  • In no case will Fellows have a work contract or any labor relationship with the FCI and, therefore, they will not receive any type of remuneration in money or in kind. 
  • You must have international medical insurance or become affiliated with the national health system (EPS) as an independent person. You must also obtain Professional Risk Insurance (ARP) and keep it current during your stay at the institution. 

  • You may not prescribe or act as a treating physician or be responsible for the institution's patients. You will always be supervised by a specialist physician.
  • In order to be accepted by the Foundation, you must submit a letter from the place where you work stating that you are coming in order to study and to receive in-person training. 
  • During the time you are in training at Fundación Cardioinfantil you will be subject to the general regulations of students in training.