"Corazones en Obra", never exhibited works of art that save hearts

For the inauguration of our new Specialist Tower, the Institute of Cardiology organized the exhibition “Corazones en Obra”. For the first time in the country, works from the most important private collections in Colombian will be exhibited to the public. “Corazones en Obra” is the name of the exhibition, which, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Cardioinfantil Foundation, will present more than 70 pieces of Latin American artists.


The exhibition will take place April 15 to 19, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on six of the twelve floors of the new Specialist Tower of Cardioinfantil Foundation, and the cost of admission will be twenty thousand pesos per attendee. 


This unprecedented event, which will unite philanthropy and the desire to share, has a threefold objective: First, to offer a tribute to the Foundation’s great benefactors. Second, to learn about the new “Specialist Tower,” a twelve-story building that will open in the middle of this year under a new concept of medicine and bioclimatic management, with 132 doctor’s offices, a hotel, and capacity for treating more than 120,000 patients. Third, to bring the hearts of Colombians closer to the great social work of Fundación Cardioinfantil through art, offering the public access to works that have never been seen before. 


“Corazones en Obra” brings together collections that provide a journey through pieces that run from the colonial period through contemporary art. It will enable the Foundation to raise funds to continue operating on children with heart disease, who form part of the “Give a Life” program, which has now operated on more than fifteen thousand children from the most remote areas of the country.  


“Cardioinfantil Foundation would not be what it is, nor would it have the capacity that it has to care for thousands of children with heart disease, without the thousands of Colombians who support us with their donations,” said Santiago Cabrera, Executive Director of Cardioinfantil Foundation.