Directors of the International Center meet with the staff of the Office of First Lady of Panama

The Director of Social Projection of the Office of First Lady of Panama, Elizabeth Chiari De Sandoval, met with representatives of the Institute of Cardiology - Children's Heart Fundation of Bogotá to discuss the results of the patient care supported by that Office.

During the meeting, Ms. De Sandoval noted that, between 2009 and 2014, the Office of the First Lady provided financial assistance in the amount of PAB 209,719.52 in eleven cases involving children with heart disease, enabling them to improve their quality of life.


Ms. De Sandoval, a lawyer, thanked the Foundation’s directors for all of the support that the Foundation has provided to children, and stressed that the most gratifying thing has been to see the change in the health of the patients and their families.


Most of children helped by the Office of the First Lady do not have social insurance, but the Office has also helped the families of children with social insurance to cover the cost of their hospital stays, and it has even arranged for the use of the presidential plane to transport several children in emergency cases.


The Director of the International Center, Claudia María Torres, mentioned that the Center has cared for some 45 Panamanian children who were referred by different public and private institutions.


The representative of Institute of Cardiology in Panama, Israel Cedeño, noted that the cases referred to the International Center involved children with highly complex heart problems that could not be treated in Panama. 


The Institute of Cardiology - Children's Heart Fundation, an international reference center, provides specialized care to children and adults in Colombia and throughout the region, focused on cardiovascular care and other highly complex services, through an integrated clinical policy that is supported by research and education programs.


Around 2,600 international patients from Central America, the Caribbean Region, the Andean Region, South America and the United States have been treated at this Center over the last five years.