He says that his heart is Colombian because he was reborn in Bogotá

There are times when the pain of others shakes us as if they were our own. This happens not only with news of humanitarian tragedies caused by natural phenomena or senseless wars, but also when loved ones suffer diseases or accidents that put their lives at risk. These are times that cause us to reflect on existence, our own and others.


A few days ago, our family received one of these warning bells, leaving us in a state of uncertainty, with questions and fears. In this case, the loved one whom I mention in the  dedication suffered a heart attack while he was leaving work in Bogotá. It’s the kind of news that, when received from a distance, can be very disconcerting, creating an atmosphere of helplessness.


The good news is that, thanks to the fortunate intervention of friends and guardian angels, my relative could be transferred to Institute of Cardiology, which has an international reputation for its treatment and care of patients with heart ailments. For those who don’t know, Colombia has very advanced medicine, and it is a world leader in the fields of ophthalmology, oncology, dentistry, cardiology and aesthetic medicine, among others, and this is not just nationalist hype.


The FCI, which was created with children in mind, now cares for people of all ages. We had an experience with that hospital some years ago, since the younger child of some dear Nicaraguan friends suffered from a heart condition that prevented him from leading a normal life. The boy was constantly tired and was at great risk of suffering a negative event.


This problem could be resolved only with an operation, which was not available in Nicaragua. Someone told the family about the FCI in Colombia, where the procedure that restored their happiness was finally performed. Today, the boy is healthy and has a brilliant future. Luigi, our young friend, says that his heart is Colombian because he was reborn in Bogotá.


In the case of my relative, who is a strong man in all respects, after successfully making it through a delicate operation, he has been receiving the best care from the health professionals who work at the FCI. We are eternally grateful to all of them, especially Dr. Tomás Chalela, the cardiovascular surgeon, who comes from a family of respected physicians.


I don’t usually use this space to talk about personal matters, but I want to highlight something about which there is no doubt, which is that during the last few years Colombia has become a healthy destination for many people who are seeking not only high quality scientific medicine, but, perhaps more importantly, compassionate professionals who treat patients not as users, but like the neighbor of the Biblical parables, someone close who receives care for the soul as well as the body.


To Juan Carlos Alba, from within my atria and ventricles.

By: Dixon Moya