Our Commitment

40 years working for the hearts and health of our patients

  • We are a Level 4 health institution that annually treats more than
    +1’000.000 patients
    of all ages by means of a medical team that is highly qualified.
  • We have
    53 medical-surgical specialties and subspecialties
     with a strong focus on Cardiology, Neurosciences and Orthopedics.
  • For more than 7 years, the FCI'S
    International Center
    has offered comprehensive care to international patients and their families during their entire cycle of treatment.
  • For this we have an
    infrastructure of 70.000 m2, high technological development and a qualified staff of 1800 persons, 
    including 350 doctors and 800 nurses and nursing assistants, making us one of the most important Level 4 medical complexes in the country and Latin America, thanks to the support and commitment of our directors, direct employees subcontractors and partners.

    The FOUNDATION's hospital has 340 beds and the following 6 intensive care units: Pediatric ICU, Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU, Neonatal ICU, Adult Coronary ICU, Adult Medical ICU, and Adult Cardiovascular ICU. It also has 8 operating rooms, 4 cardiac intervention rooms, 30 Emergency Room beds, and a complete set of diagnostic and therapeutic support services for Adults and Children. 
  • At our
    International Care Center in the City of Bogotá, Capital District of Colombia,
  • patients from different parts of the world, such as Central America, the Caribbean, the Andean Region, the United States and Europe, can receive a variety of services for children and adults, from personalized medical checkups to the early diagnosis and treatment of highly complex diseases.
  • The International Center is made up of
    a bilingual interdisciplinary group of doctors, nurses and administrative personne  

    who offer diagnostic and therapeutic assistant to around 600 patients a year, with personalized attention that takes account of patients' different languanges, customs and religions.


    • -To be recognized internationally for our management of highly complex cardiac diseases.
    • -To provide comprehensive services with personalized attention to patients and their families.