• Camila Lall came with her son, Naveen Lall, from Trinidad and Tobago to get specialized medical care. She told us how, ever since they arrived to Colombia, the Cardioinfantil Foundation staff was fantastic and they always showed care and attention to little Naveen. 

    Isabella Sofía came to Colombia to had a heart operation and thankfull to our International Center she and her family recieved assessment and   sholder in all process. Now together enjoy a new hope´s live. 

  • Today Colombia is also the Health Response; Our specialists excel in the world, and in Latin America we are the country with the most recognized institutions.

    Dr. Andrea Natale, Executive Medical Director, Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute of Texas, St. David's Medical Center, explains the importance of these events as a learning tool during the Ep Live Congress Latin America.

  • Robert came from Curacao with his wife, to receive a second medical opinion. They tell us that they feel at home thanks to the treatment and care they received: "Here in this Foundation, people is treated with love", says Robert.

    Dr. Doshi, the Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at St. Johns Health Center at the Pacific Heart Institute, talks about the main purpose of his visit, which was to discuss new technologies and approaches that can have an impact on any treatment and the lives of patients.